Our Story

TheStudentHelpline commenced its journey in 2010, boasting a small yet profoundly knowledgeable team of experts. Driven by the conviction that every student should have the chance to soar to great heights, our dedicated staff pooled their expertise and experience to disseminate knowledge and empower aspiring learners.

Since then, we have continually expanded our horizons and refined our services. Our commitment to educational excellence remains unwavering. With a focus on student success, we have evolved into a trusted resource for academic support and guidance. Our journey is marked by the growth of our team, the satisfaction of countless students, and a dedication to providing opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Mission

Our Story

The Student Helpline was born from its founders' personal experiences. The company began its endeavours back in 2010 with a slender but highly knowledgeable team of experts. With a belief that every student deserves an opportunity to expand their wings in an enormous way, the staff with their collective effort began to spread their knowledge and share their experience.

Working day and night with utmost dedication, helping students achieve their dream goal of studying abroad; we did not take much time to reach the top! Today, we are India’s most preferred overseas education consultants possessing rich information and experience that is useful to help unlock a student's potential to the fullest.

Our Vision

All the members working at The Student Helpline work with a clear vision and that is to provide exemplary study abroad experience to all those with big dreams in their eyes. We ensure to empower this dream with the help of guidance from some of the best industry experts, the latest tools and technology along with unlimited opportunities so that students get a chance to be what they want!

We aim to become a compass in a student's life and navigate them in the right direction especially when it comes to the best universities, accommodations and more. Our commitment to providing personalised support is what makes us a stand out player in the industry that aims to create a world where education and knowledge have no boundaries!

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Our Mission

Being the leading overseas abroad consultants in India, our mission is to empower, guide and support students who are searching for the best opportunities abroad for study. Our mission is embedded with the belief that every individual deserves the best especially when it comes to academic opportunities around the globe. We strive to simplify the journey of each student and help them meet the ends without facing any major complications.

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