PTE (Pearson Test of English) can be pretty exhausting for those who are going to take a language proficiency test for the first time. It basically covers all the aspects related to English proficiency. Before you begin PTE exam preparation, you must understand that the test has been specifically designed to make sure that a student is 100% ready to study in an English-speaking, listening and writing environment.

Now that you know the importance of attending a language proficiency test, let's quickly begin our journey and understand how to prepare for PTE exam with the help of this exemplary guide below! We assure you that by the end of this guide, you will feel much more confident about your language skills and how to attend an English proficiency exam without sweating out.

What Is PTE Exam? (Know The Basics Before PTE Exam Preparation)

PTE, an abbreviation for Pearson Test of English, is one of the most popular English proficiency tests that are three hours long. Before you begin with the PTE exam preparation, you must know that it is a computer-based test that aims to assess the skills of a student who does not belong to an English speaking nation and wants to visit international borders for study or work purposes.

PTE scores are widely accepted by a number of schools, colleges, universities, professional bodies and migration services without any trouble. If you are wondering when do you get the results of this test before beginning PTE exam preparation online then, you must know that as it is an online test, the results are available in less than 48 hours.

How To Prepare For PTE Exam At Home TIP 1: Be Thorough With The Format

If you don't want to spend lots of money on the preparation, we are here to give you the best PTE exam preparation online free! One of the first things for you to begin with is getting familiar with the format of the test.

  • Reading

This section lasts for about 32-40 minutes and focuses on testing your ability to read in an academic environment. Here, you have to attend a singular question that tests your reading and writing skills altogether.

  • Writing And Speaking

This section particularly lasts for 77-93 minutes and focuses on questions related to written and spoken English that you might get to experience in an academic setting. This section consists of 7 questions that are required to be answered within the time limit.

  • Listening

This section can last for 45-57 minutes and focuses on questions related to the skills of listening clearly in an academic environment. Here, you get eight different questions that are to be answered after listening to audio and video clips provided during the test.

Altogether, you will get a chance to show your calibre in English proficiency via twenty sets of questions. If you lack in any of the aspects mentioned above then our PTE exam preparation material and tips mentioned below will help you shine bright!

How To Prepare For The PTE Exam TIP 2: Understand The Scoring System

Before getting to know the best way to prepare for PTE exam, you must understand the basics which also include the scoring system. It is imperative to understand that this language proficiency test does not contain a pass or fail stamp. After attending the test, you get scores based on the performance you gave and every institution asks for a different minimum requirement according to their needs.

The most common scores that are requested from an individual are 50, 65 or 79. Once you know the score requirement from the establishment then, it will be easy to aim for something and work according to it. As we all know the bigger the number, the more effort is required in PTE exam preparation.

Our suggestion would be, to aim higher in order to achieve the requirements of the establishment. The more you work on PTE general exam preparation, the more you score high!

How To Start Preparing For PTE Exam TIP 3: Follow The Ultimate PTE Exam Preparation Plan

For students who are nervous and can't stop wondering how can I prepare for PTE exam; ladies and gentlemen, we are here to discuss the most important part. PTE EXAM PREPARATION TIPS!!!!

So, let’s get started.

There are many books and journals that many students find useful but, if you ask us how to prepare for PTE academic exam then, we would say that the answer lies in practical experiences. Below are some PTE exam preparation tips section by section that will help you excel and be confident before the final day comes.

  • Reading PTE Exam Preparation Tips

The skills of reading develop when you read as much as you can in English. Yes! It is that simple but, the only thing you need to focus on is being consistent. From academic books, novels, magazines, and newspapers to fictional books- read anything you find interesting! This is the best way to enhance your skills and master the art of learning in just a few days.

  • Writing PTE Exam Preparation Tips

To practise writing, think of what you are most passionate about. Take the paper and simply start writing what you like. If you don't want to go for raw practising then, take a few online worksheets, and write letters to your friends. You can even practise by drafting short essays or writing emails. Ensure that whatever you write is assessed by someone who is proficient in English so that you can learn from your mistakes and master the skill in a matter of time.

  • Speaking PTE Exam Preparation Tips

The best way to master the art of speaking for PTE exam preparation is to talk in English wherever you go. You can even join English-speaking groups, this will enhance your listening as well as speaking skills.

  • Listening PTE Exam Preparation Tips

We listen to a lot of things during the day and most of it comes from the media. Take the best advantage of all the media channels and listen as much as you can in English. Use the television to listen and watch interesting movies, hear the radio and learn the language with the help of your favourite song.

But, remember the key is to stay consistent and keep practising!

Pte Exam Preparation Mistakes One Should Avoid

The ultimate guide to mastering the skills and becoming proficient in the English language couldn't end without making you aware of the mistakes that should be avoided at all costs to earn the scores you deserve!

  • If you think you have a fluent dialect and can speak English without making mistakes, that is great! But, that does not mean you will not prepare yourself for an evaluation test. Language proficiency tests can be tough to crack even if you are well aware of the language. So, always ensure to give at least a few weeks for PTE exam preparation.
  • To get the score you desire, it is imperative to perform well in all four sections of the PTE test. So, ensure that you focus on the PTE exam preparation plan and cover all four areas before stepping in for the final PTE test.
  • Never memorise for a language proficiency test like PTE. The main objective of a PTE is to assess your writing, listening, speaking and reading skills in practical environments. So, try to focus on grasping the core of the concepts rather than rote learning.
  • Just like any other exam, we would suggest you not leave the PTE exam preparation a few days before the exam. You must understand that you have four different aspects to cover along with familiarising yourself with the format and types of questions that can be asked. Conducting a few mock tests in the end instead of PTE exam preparation will be the best way to score high!

So, now that you finally made it to the end, we are sure you are all boosted and ready to start your PTE exam preparation, section by section. But, before that let's quickly help you summarise all the pointers that are important for you to remember. First, thoroughly understand the format then, get to know the score requirements followed by PTE exam preparation section by section.

And, always remember, the most important thing while practising is consistency!


Is The PTE Exam Difficult?

No, the difficulty of the PTE exam depends on the capability and preparation of an individual. If you prepare with all the hard work then, surely nothing will sound difficult.

Is PTE Easier Than IELTS?

Both exams focus on assessing the language skills of an individual who wishes to study or work in an English speaking environment. Since both of them have different patterns and questions, they are equally easy or difficult to attend for an individual according to their preparation.

Does Canada Accept PTE?

Yes, PTE is one of the language proficiency tests that is not only accepted by Canada but 73 other countries and 3000+ universities around the world.

What Is A Good Score In PTE?

Although the definition of a good score depends from country to country, a score between 65-75 is considered to be good amongst a number of universities around the world.

What Is The Syllabus Of PTE?

PTE generally contains two major sections. One is a written paper and the other is a spoken test that focuses on assessing four skills altogether: speaking, writing, listening and reading.


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