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Being the finest admission consultant in India, The Student Helpline never forgets to prioritise the concerns of a student. Following a 5 step process, we ensure to provide the best comfort to students while they are preparing to study abroad.

  • Understanding the Goal - The process of free online study abroad counselling begins when our experts study your profile and understand your goals. The journey to study abroad becomes much easier when the student understands what their goal is. We focus on students' interests, preferences, age and other details they want us to know about.
  • Research - After gathering all the relevant information, our study abroad consultants brainstorm and research to find out the best available colleges, and universities in the country preferred by the students. If the student has not decided on the country yet, we research the most suitable place according to the student's preferences.
  • Application Guidance- After our overseas career counsellor is clear about the course and country the student wants to go for, we then start working on the application. Creating a robust application is essentially important for a student to face the least amount of hurdles during their admission process. Our abroad education consultants focus on aspects like language proficiency scores, resumes, SOP, interview preparation and reasoning of backlogs if any.
  • Planning Finance - Once the admission is confirmed and the student receives the offer letter, the next thing under our study abroad guidance is planning finances. Although students get an idea of how much they might be spending once they get admission, we break down everything and calculate an estimated cost so that the student can plan the finances accordingly
  • Post-Arrival and Pre-Departure Help - Along with the preparation and admission, our study abroad services also help students with accommodation recommendations, networking, part-time job offers and lots more so that they don’t get any surprises while landing on international borders.

Seeking overseas counselling from The Student Helpline comes with several advantages like:

  • Free Application Assessment - Most students like to visit an abroad consultancy with a prepared profile and IELTS score. The Student Helpline provides the advantage of availing a free application assessment so that you know where you stand and how much you need to work on your profile to reach your goal.
  • Free Study Material - Along with free application assessment, students get another fantastic opportunity to excel in their study abroad dream with the help of free study materials available for downloading on our website. These study materials are prepared by some of the finest abroad education consultants in India and hold the power to gain premium grades with just a few reads.
  • One-One Sessions - University Interviews can be challenging, especially when a student has never attended something like this before. Our overseas education services include personalised one-on-one sessions for all our students so that they can perform confidently and get admission to their dream college without facing any hiccups in the process.
  • Assistance with Accommodation - If you don’t have a known person living near your college or university, don't you worry! The Student Helpline has got it covered for you. With a myriad of contacts and tie-ups, our academic consultant can fix you up with the best accommodations along with discounted rates so that you have a roof under your head when you land in a foreign land.
  • Networking - The Student Helpline has ties with a number of universities and colleges that lie under the international borders. Being the best study abroad consultants, they understand being new can be hard especially when the people are different from the ones you grew up with. They will ensure to safely help you migrate to a place where students and teachers are friendly to coordinate for the rest of the semester and help you cover up for what you have missed.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation- The Student Helpline believes in preparing students with the best. They arrange a pre-departure session so that you know all the essential things before leaving your country. As it is a new experience for most of the students visiting under a study abroad program, they make sure to cover everything right from the basics to complex situations.

The Student Helpline is an overseas consultancy that has helped even the toughest profiles find a genuine way to seek education and bloom their career abroad. If you are still in a doubtful situation, we have four reasons to prove why our study abroad process is better than others!

  • 100% Transparency - Transparency is a cornerstone when it comes to seeking study abroad assistance from The Student Helpline. With a policy of honesty, we ensure to keep the students informed of where they stand in the race. Along with this, we provide clear and accurate information regarding every aspect when it comes to study abroad programs, accommodation, living cost etc. With the help of the best overseas education consultants, we try to prepare the students for the real world scenario.
  • Guaranteed Visa Approval - Visa approval can sometimes be even more difficult than getting admission to study abroad in your preferred college. The experience of our overseas education consultants ensures that the student faces minimal hiccups while working on visa approval. All our abroad education consultants ensure to personally work upon visa approval and get it done as soon as possible.
  • Proven Success- Students who visit The Student Helpline are excited and anxious thinking whether they will make it or not. Our excellent team members work double their capacity, making sure that nothing goes wrong during the process and everything goes according to plan without failure! Till date, we have served more than 98,557 students and most of them have successfully settled in their preferred country with the help of our overseas education services.
  • 100% Ethical - Being the best study abroad consultant in India, The Student Helpline upholds supreme level ethical standards making sure that all the students receive unbiased assistance that aligns the best when it comes to the interests of students.

Preparing for tests to study abroad can be challenging especially when you are not aware of the format and the type of questions that can be asked from you. Our international overseas services ensure that you prepare for the most difficult situations with the help of free study materials, interactive one-on-one sessions, mock tests and more.

Our overseas consultancy has a major expertise in tutoring for exams like:

PTE an abbreviation for Pearson Test of English, is an overall assessment to test proficiency in the English language.
IELTS an abbreviation for English Language Testing System is a globally accepted form of English language assessment and the ability for a student to survive in a foreign country if there are language barriers.
TOEFL is an abbreviation for Test of English as Foreign Language mostly used for students who wish to master the skill of English for academic purposes from a foreign university or college.
GTE an abbreviation for Genuine Temporary Grant a compulsory assessment for international students who wish to apply for a student visa in Australia.
GMAT an abbreviation for the Graduate Management Admission Test, is an exam to understand the most relevant skills for admission to business schools.

Students from all over the globe wish to get the best education from the most prestigious colleges and universities. If you are one of them but confused about which one is best for you then, our overseas education consultants can provide you with personalised guidance for courses like:

  • MBA
  • Scholarships
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • MSc
  • Diploma
  • PhD
  • Certifications

If you have a unique profile and are looking for someone to untangle the issue with reasonable overseas education solutions then, The Student Helpline is the right help for you!

Thousands of students face a major language barrier as soon as they land in a foreign country to take advantage of a study abroad program. The Student Helpline provides tailored overseas education solutions which also include learning a language. If you have no idea of the dialect but can't wait to study abroad, we can help you with:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

This is not it! Since the time we established ourselves in the industry, we have included 11+ languages in our services. To know more about our overseas education classes on language, contact our experts today.

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There are several advantages of career counselling like:

  • Understanding your strengths
  • Getting an insight into where your profile stands
  • Personalised assistance from industry experts
  • Guaranteed path to success

If you are facing trouble understanding your way to success then don't hesitate to visit The Student Helpline right away!

Yes, indeed it is! Most students are unaware of the greatest opportunities available in foreign countries for them. Seeking study abroad consultancy can help them get a personalised opinion based on their preferences and the best opportunities that might get missed otherwise. If you are looking for a suitable admission consultant in India, feel free to connect with The Student Helpline! A trusted partner and your study buddy for personalised help.

Yes, most study abroad consultants give advice and help assess students' profiles for free. They begin by asking you a few questions on the basis of which they decide where you stand and what is your total number of points. If you think you don't meet the requirements of any study program yet, then visit The Student Helpline for help!

If you are looking for the cheapest way to study abroad then, looking for the best scholarships can be a feasible option. There are dozens of scholarships that are available to commanders throughout the year. In searching for the best scholarships you will understand that they are either funded by your government, international government or the university you wish to take admission in. To check the eligibility of your preferred scholarship, visit The Student Helpline. Being the best study abroad service, they are capable of helping you choose and apply for one on your behalf as well.

Yes, you can prepare to study abroad without agency only if you have the right information and a strong application that will impress the admission board easily. If you think professional needs to take a look at your profile, The Student Helpline is right here for free online study abroad counselling!

The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and China are some of the best countries to study abroad. If you wish to pursue overseas education and enhance your skills then boost up your process with the help of a reliable consultant. The Student Helpline is one of the leading international overseas consultants in India that can help you get authentic information and prepare for admission to the best universities in your preferred country.

Some of the cheapest countries to study abroad are Germany, Norway, Russia and a few universities in the US. If you are looking for proper study abroad guidance then, contact the consultants from The Student Helpline for genuine and cost effective help right away.

The Student Helpline is the leading study abroad agency in India. If you are looking for a transparent approach to reach your goals and a professional to have your back whenever your process is hitting a few speed breakers then, they are there for you. The Student Helpline has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced overseas education consultants who can guide a student in the best way possible.

The Student Helpline charges no money from students looking for consultancy. If you wish to know where you stand, get your profile assessed The Student Helpline can help you with free of cost study abroad assistance at any time during the day.

There are a number of educational loans that one can take to unburden their financial load while planning to study abroad. Several banks offer low interest and interest free loans in order to help students achieve their dream and get what they deserve. If you are looking for abroad education loans but don't have much knowledge about it, The Student Helpline can be of great help. All you need to do is dial their number and speak to an expert!


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